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Passionate About Helping Others

Previously, Christie supported the U.S. Forest Service national office of Fire and Aviation Management as a senior communication specialist, specializing in communication support for special national and international projects.  Christie was the Director's speech writer and was lead writer/editor for several national and international reports, periodicals, and publications.  

Christie processes the ability to effectively address, train, and coach others to proactively deal with controversial issues in a manner that brings resolution, in a collaborative manner, to tough issues.  

Christie successfully led the development of effective national level policies and protocols and assisted in the successful branding of a new, controversial organization within the Department. 

Christie is an effective trainer and mentor in the areas of crisis communication and media relations.  She successfully supported NASA and the EPA during the Columbia Shuttle Recovery in Texas; FEMA and Jackson County Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; FEMA and the state of Florida after Hurricane Wilma; and a variety of federal, state, and local agencies during wildfire incidents across the western U.S.  She is a certified trainer for a variety of Incident Command System training courses.  


Additionally, Christie and her husband Barry have been longtime volunteers and supporters of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Christie has worked with various schools and other volunteer organizations to assist with their communication planning and management.  

Christie is ready to put her nearly four decades of work experience and success to work for you.  Whether you are setting up a new business and need help developing appropriate policies and procedures; you need to implement or improve communication within or external to your organization; or you or your organization are facing a crisis and you need to effectively resolve the crisis, Christie can help.  

  • Three decades of experience in policy development; strategic planning; communication and crisis communication planning, management, and evaluation; and media and public relations.

  • Type 2 Public Information Officer

  • Crisis Communication and Media Relations Coach and Trainer

  • Incident Command System (ICS) Trainer

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