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Mark Bathrick, Director, Office of Aviation Services, U.S. Department of the Interior

Boise, Idaho

Christie's support for the U.S. Department of the Interior Office of Aviation Services, particularly in the high-interest area of supporting the Department's continued unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) leadership within the U.S. Government has been consistently EXCEPTIONAL. I've had the pleasure and privilege of having had Public Affairs personnel work for me in previous jobs, and I have to say that Christie is the best I've had the pleasure of working with.

Christie's responsiveness to requests for assistance and the quality of her work products have always exceeded expectations. She is an incredible asset to our team. She is a great communicator! An expert in the written, spoken, and presented word.

Through Christie's knowledge, skills, and abilities in public affairs, we've now been able to leverage the value and power of proactive public and media outreach in support of DOI's UAS program.

Jim Douglas, Director (Retired), Office of Wildland Fire, U.S. Department of the Interior

Washington, D.C.

Christie is a great writer, superb thinker, well organized, and detail oriented. She works very well in a collaborative environment. A good colleague. She did a super job for me a communication director - from strategic messaging, to speeches and presentations, to major reports, to briefing documents for senior agency officials.

Larry Lesko, Assistant Director of Fire and Aviation (Retired), U.S. Forest Service

Jacksonville, FL

As an Assistant Director of Fire and Aviation for the US Forest Service I was charged with implementing the National Fire Plan. Christie Wiley joined our staff in July of 2007 and I worked with her nearly every day until I retired in 2011, so I understand her capabilities.
Two of the main key points of the National Fire Plan were Communications and Accountability. I considered Christie to be the go-to person on the staff. She possesses the full range of public affairs skills and she is so much more. Christie was responsible for major innovations in the way we conducted business. For example, special and annual reports were a major component of our work, that is, to inform accountability to Congressional staffs, stakeholders and the public . Working with subcontractors on the content and layout was a painstakingly long process and we were often not satisfied with the finished product. Christie took the initiative to learn publishing software, found ways to get high resolution photos suitable for website use and in so many other ways increased the professionalism of the products. Not only were the products so much better but they were much more timely and less expensive. 
I highly recommend Christie Wiley. Her abilities, professionalism and dedication are exceptional and she would make an excellent member of any team.

Aaron Gelobter, Incident Commander (Retired), California Interagency Incident Management Team 4

San Luis Obispo, CA

Christie approached work assignments by evaluating the assignment, and then organizing her work and time. Christie works well independently and is also an excellent team member. She is fun to be around, cares about others, and always looks for ways to help.

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