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Effective communication is key to an organization's


Communicate 2 Succeed, LLC

ABOUT Christie

Christie is the former Communication Director (Communication Program Lead) for the U.S. Department of the Interior's Office of Wildland Fire, a shared position with the U.S. Forest Service Fire and Aviation organization.  In this position, Christie provided a full-range of communication planning, management, and advice and counsel to senior executive staffs in the Department's Office of the Secretary; the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Safety, Resource Protection, and Emergency Management; and associated Office Directors.  These Offices included the Office of Wildland Fire; Office of Aviation Services; Office of Law Enforcement and Security; Office of Emergency Management; and Interagency Border Coordinator.  In addition, Christie supported the U.S. Forest Service's Director of Fire and Aviation Management.  


After nearly 30 years of service to the federal government, Christie retired on December 31, 2016, to start Communicate 2 Succeed, LLC--a company established to assist leaders who understand the importance of proactive internal and external communication programs and the associated benefits to the overall success of their organization's health and that of their employees!   

How Communicate 2 SUCCEED Can help You

Great leaders recognize the importance and benefits of an active, effective communication program. They understand with the appropriate level of information-sharing and with the right tools and training, communication empowers employees to be the best they can be and assists the company or organization to better serve their customers or constituents, both during the course of normal operations or in crises.  

Communicate 2 Succeed, LLC, was created to provide communication consultation and support to assist your organization to "Communicate 2 Succeed" and reach peak effectiveness. 

Christie stands ready to provide your organization/business the benefit of her nearly four decades of work experience.  

Communicate 2 Succeed offers the following services:

  • Communication consultation and evaluation

  • Full-range of internal and external communication planning, management, and evaluation tools and services

  • Media relations and crisis communication training

  • Media interview preparation

  • Professional writer/editor and proofreading services

  • Speech-writing and creative PowerPoint presentation preparation services

  • Storyboard consultation and preparation

  • Professional report or publication preparation and layout

  • Meeting facilitation and management services

  • Alternative dispute resolution and mediation services

Contact Christie at to discuss how Communicate 2 Succeed, LLC, can assist your organization/business.


planning &


Tailored to your needs 


Christie will work directly with you and your team to evaluate your existing communication program and assess your organization and/or project needs.  Based on her evaluation, she will recommend a tailored approach to establishing a new program or to improve your present program. 

Depending on your existing resources, Christie is prepared to offer services ranging from:

  • Compiling a simple set of recommendations for your communication team to implement 

  • Providing mentoring for lesser-experienced staff while assisting them to accomplish the recommendations 

  • Assuming complete management or oversight of all your communication needs

  • Or somewhere, anywhere in between!


The use of stories and storytelling is emerging as an integral, powerful communication tool.

Stories offer a new, relevant way to connect with audiences. Storytelling in presentations, at meetings, and as a way to present research, motivates and inspires employees, partners, and customers.

Storytelling is effective because stories are easy to remember and share and  provoke an emotional response.

Christie will work with your team to:

  • Identify the story your organization or company wants to share

  • Identify the bigger story and how to tell it

  • Help develop dynamic storyboards for your organization!

writing, editing

& design

Whether you need a keynote speech written, a PowerPoint presentation prepared, or a paper, article, or periodical prepared for publication, Christie is ready to assist with crafting an audience-appropriate, professional product that represents you and your organization well.

Christie spent much of her career with the federal government writing for members of the Senior Executive Staff and was regularly handpicked as lead writer/editor for high-profile, complex, and at times, controversial reports and publications. These assignments required the ability to write, edit, and layout a professional product that in the end was acceptable to all stakeholders involved.

Christie was nationally recognized for her ability to collaborate and bring resolution to difficult situations, when diverse groups  brought different opinions to the table.  Christie can help your company or organization do the same, by offering a full-range of writing, editing, and layout services.

coaching and


For decades, Christie has created and tailored crisis communication and media relations training and coaching sessions for senior executives and managers.  She is ready to do the same for you and members of your team.


Christie worked with Agency Administrators and provided on-site support during all-hazard incidents such as the Columbia Shuttle Recovery and Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, and to various wildfire incidents and communities across the western U.S.

Christie is a trained facilitator and negotiator and has successfully conducted community meetings during crises and efficaciously concluded Alternative Dispute Resolution sessions. 


Put Christie's experience to work for you!

About Christie
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I worked with Christie for many years. Her work at the Incident, Regional, and National levels was exemplary. I found her communication, writing, and graphics skills excellent. She was able to deal effectively with both emergencies and with planned work. I found her analytic skills impressive. She is an original thinker and hard worker.  

Tom Harbour, retired National Fire and Aviation Management Director

U.S. Forest Service (2005-2016)

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