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First Responder Line of Duty Death Program

In 2019, our nation lost 140 law enforcement officers and firefighters in the line of duty. In 2020, the numbers rose to over 600, including 385 first responders who lost their lives battling COVID-19.  

Every shift, these brave men and women report to work understanding the inherent risks of their jobs. Regardless of those risks, they put the safety and well-being of others above their own. Unfortunately, many do not return home at the end of their shift.

In 2019, in support of and love for their family members left behind, Communicate 2 Succeed, LLC, through its DBA Christie's Crafty Cove, established a first responder line of duty death program and called it, "Our Fallen Heroes."

Here's how the program works. Upon notification of a LODD, we reach out and contact the respective Chief/Sheriff's office and if acceptable to them, we send the respective thin-blue-line or thin-red-line quilted heart memento to the family of the fallen hero. If we learn there is a small child affected, we also send a hand-crafted "Elsie the Elephant," because you know that an elephant never forgets!  Elsie is embroidered with the appropriate thin-line heart and their parent's badge number on its chest.  

In April 2020, we suspended the program due to concerns by the departments/offices involved of potentially spreading COVID-19.  At that point, Christie's Crafty Cove mailed over 150 quilted hearts and 12 Elsie the Elephants. Sadly, at that point, we sent at least one heart to each of the 50 states.  Although COVID-19 remains a concern for many areas of the U.S., we plan to attempt to restart the program in 2022.  

While the program has been suspended, Christie's Crafty Cove has expanded our merchandise to include the thin-line ornaments, Fallen Hero 20 oz. skinny tumblers, and light-weight earrings. The sale of these items helps to defray the supply and shipping costs.  

You can find these items and more on our Etsy Shop at:

Thank you in advance for your support for what is a very important program to us. An even bigger thank you to those who work everyday to keep our communities, businesses, and families safe from harm. May God watch over you and keep you safe!  

To order and support this program:

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